Top styling Tips for your shelves and Consoles.

Hello fellow interiors addicts, one of the hardest things I think for anyone to pull off well in their home is great displays. Its easy to buy great cushions or copy the latest trend wallpaper as seen on Instagram but actually curating and creating displays requires a bit of skill and creative flair. To make it a bit easier, I have written my top tips for you so you can have confidence in yourselves and the things that you love and go get styling.

1) Firstly collate everything that is in a similar colour palate. Go through all your bits and pieces and pop them on the floor, this will make it easy to edit and see what you have. Once you can see it all infront of you, you can then go through it and decide what works an looks good together.

2) Edit and get rid of things. Keep only what you love or has great sentimental value to you,  we all collect so many bits and pieces all the time but only a fraction of them should make it on to display, if not we run the risk of having cluttered shelves that hide the really lovely important pieces.

3)Mix it up, add textures styles and various tones of your accent colour, an array of books in the various tones of your accent colour look great. Vases of shells look fantastic as do  just  filling old jars with some battery powered fairy lights. If you look around your home with fresh eyes you can come up with some creative ideas and new ways to display your treasured things and these ideas will only cost pennies.





 4) Make sure you add interest to your shelves by having things going in different directions otherwise it can look too contrived. Adding something horizontal like a small stack of books ( carefully chosen for their colour spines of course!) a decorative box, or even a stack of your favorite magazines will give you the horizontal line that you are looking for. Now add something vertical, this should be the easier part since most of what we would naturally put on a shelf is vertical. So vases work well or framed photos , candles or artwork leaning against the back of the shelf,  ornaments or cacti basically anything taller than it is wide.

shelf 3.jpg

5 ) Add something organic to the mix by this I mean a plant or two or a vase of dried flowers. I love to use alliums as they have such a visual impact.


Plants are a great addition to any shelf or console table as they bring things alive adding colour and texture, don’t worry though if you don’t have green fingers there are so many amazing faux plants that you can buy ( I was in Debenhams last week and their selection was great), there is nothing worse than a half dead plant to lets your styling mojo down. I don’t think you can ever have too many plants, current fashion is very plant heavy and if gives your interiors that fresh and healthy appeal.


6) Including a shelf unit or console table in your interior design is a perfect way to personalise your space and add your own touch a great way to show case your style. Of course they are great for storage items too but we all need an area in the home to showcase our creativity and display the things we love. So off you go, have you got cluttered shelves hiding the things you love, it may be time for a clear out and a trip to the charity shop so you can bring out your inner #SHELFIE !!

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Happy Styling folks.

Chat soon 

Lynne x